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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post

I've had RB rotors and calipers on various cars I've owned and tracked extensively and have not had a single issue with their products. I've had their 4 piston front caliper on their 2 piece rotors on my '04 350Z, and that car has had brake issues (well, fade mostly, but it would eat through a set of track pads in 4-5 sessions) until I upgraded to RB's "kit." Then the car was sold to someone in Maryland (and made a cross country journey) and survived multiple blown engines and to this day still runs the same 4 piston RB kit since 2005 on both drag strips and various local road courses.

I've had RB rotors on my MZ4 Coupe since new in 2006, and back then I used to do up to 20 days a year at some of the more demanding braking tracks, California Speedway, Buttonwillow, Laguna Seca...etc. Nearly 7 years later, I've finally had to swap out the front rotor TODAY because, well, the new rear rotors come in the open slot design and I want the front and rear to match (okay, the creative/designer in me can't stand not having matched rotor front and back for the last 7 years). And the front rotor looks like it COULD go another year before replacing. At least.

I'm not here to dispute the other claims, but offering another datapoint. I've PERSONALLY have had very positive experience with RB products for the last 9 years.
Thank you for your feed back. But my view is alitle different.
Any brake company has to develop a working brake system. Otherwise it will never survive the first year in
Business. So yes, racing brake has a line of decent products that have been around for many years. What is more important is how the company deals with unpredicted problems that arise with customers. This is where they establish a reputation. So in my case. I was promised a 4 pot caliper at time of purchase and it was not delivered as promised. So by allowing a refund only seems logical since the purchase would never take place if such promise was never made. There are few posts out there indicating racing brake refusing a replacement and developing a leaking caliper: to which I did not experience myself. My only quarrel is with the way racing brake went about my deal period. I expect racing brake to step up and correct my issue. This is what I expect from a professional company. If not then, racing brake will never gain the respect that their competition acquired. I am sure if brembo or ap racing made a promise that could not delive they would take care of it ASAP before it hits the Internet.
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