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Originally Posted by BayMoWe335 View Post
Come on man...there are a million different android phones with different screen sizes. Apples iPhone has looked the same since it came out and their OS is boring in comparison to android. That's why apple will lose this fight if they don't innovate again. The iPhone 5 flat out sucks andi like apple.

Consumers want choices and a black or white iPhone with yesterday's technology, a small screen, and a closed OS will lose the war. It's already happening. Want to buy some AAPL at $425? They will innovate again but it needs to happen soon. An iPhone 5s puts them further behind.

Samsung is releasing a note 3 with a 5.8 or 6.3 inch screen? Ridiculous? Maybe...but I want it.
You mention how the iPhone looks exactly the same, but it's still working for Apple. Every new phone released sells more than the previous model on launch day.

Even Samsung is copying Apple's model of a minor upgrade instead of a full blown new model. Look at the S4, its basically an S3s, exact same design.

And if you haven't heard Apple is coming out with different models, lower end model, current, and a larger screen.

You talk about how iOS is boring, but the majority of phone owners don't mod their phones. They like it because its User friendly and easy to navigate. If people want to tweak stuff, they can easily jailbreak the devices.

You didn't answer my question. Can you name some notable changes from Ice cream Sandwich to Jelly bean besides project butter which should've been implemented in Gingerbread?

Again for the OP, go for the HTC One.