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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
Don't get me wrong- I like Jerez. It's just that in the other shots in this thread the blue is so easy to spot and in fact looks purplish at times. Hell, in one video earlier some people thought it was Interlagos! If you see blue in these pics it's not from the paint- it's from the fact that black paint when shiny and new will reflect and mirror colors/images around it. In this case it is reflecting the sky, which is blue..........

All I'm saying is compare these shots with the rest of the cars in this thread- they look completely different..........

Could I be wrong- sure. But I have owned nothing but Black cars all my life and the car with KUC plates is IMHO Jet Black.......
I see what you mean. These last pics look darker than, say, the first pic in post #33. However, the look at the other two pics on post #33; they look just as dark as the Hungarian pics. Also, the Hungarian pics were taken by a real photographer with proper equipment. Who knows what the other pics were taken with, which might explain some of the strong blue hues.