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Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
If AP and Stoptech are correct about 2-piece calipers being stiffer than monoblock, it makes me wonder what's the point of monoblock. Weight? Bragging rights?
Originally Posted by Drifty// View Post
AP has plenty of 2-piece racing calipers. I don't think the answer is so simple.

I think cost is one issue. In another thread, Chris B. (from AP Racing) described some of the differences between their racing calipers and their street calipers, when explaining why forging is not worthwhile, on street products. He explained that their racing monoblocks are machined, and this sort of production would be cost-prohibitive on their street products.

But that was all about forging and how it doesn't usually increase stiffness. He never directly explained the rationale behind 2-piece vs. one-piece. He did say that if AP thought forging (i.e. the forging techniques like those used by StopTech on their Trophy series) were worth offering in their street products, that they would do it. So, I take the same logic to apply to the 2-piece vs. 1-piece decision.
I gave you a "simple" response because your original statement was basically "what's the point of monoblock?" There are advantages to designing a monoblock caliper and not all bolted-together caliper designs are stiffer than monoblock caliper designs. All monoblock calipers - racing or street - have to be machined whereas most bolted-together designs are cast.

PFC only uses 4-piston calipers on the front of the e9x M3 kit - does that make it an inferior design compared to AP, ST and Brembo because they use 6-piston calipers on the front?