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Originally Posted by JEllis View Post
So let me get this straight. What we are looking at are two different cars, one Jet Black, and one Jerez. Both cars have fox red interior and the same driver. They were photographed in identical places and just happen to have identical lisence plates? Either that or the photographer decided to have the lisence plates switched from one car to the other for pictures to fool of us into thinking they were the same car?

Edit: Forgot to mention that if your theory is true and this magazine had two M3's in their review then not only did they have identical lisence plates and interiors, they both had sunroofs.

Personally I think the color is a little more dynamic than you are giving it credit for.


What plates are you referring to? This car's plates are KUC- where are there pics of KUC somewhere else? Looking back thru this thread I don't see any other Jerez cars with the KUC plates.........

Don't get me wrong- I like Jerez. It's just that in the other shots in this thread the blue is so easy to spot and in fact looks purplish at times. Hell, in one video earlier some people thought it was Interlagos! If you see blue in these pics it's not from the paint- it's from the fact that black paint when shiny and new will reflect and mirror colors/images around it. In this case it is reflecting the sky, which is blue..........

All I'm saying is compare these shots with the rest of the cars in this thread- they look completely different..........

Could I be wrong- sure. But I have owned nothing but Black cars all my life and the car with KUC plates is IMHO Jet Black.......