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Originally Posted by Jbook View Post
Yep, I have videos of almost all of my races. I went up against a 2013 M6 coupe twice, a modded E60 M5 twice, a Dinan E60 M5, ESS VT2-625 e93 twice, Adam's ESS VT2-625 e92, that "stock" CLS63, Kchu's e92 with x-pipe, a ridiculous LS1 RX7, and turbo e46 M3. I had agreed to run a Gallardo, but tons of ppl wanted to race him and kept jumping up to him before we could get out there. They had trap speed indicators setup and they claimed my fastest was ~160-162, but I think it was lower. Fastest run of the day was a GTR that did 204.

I'm going to edit the videos and get something up soon. The car performed really well, but I can't say the same about the driver No real traction issues, but unfortunately a couple of early and a couple of late shifts ruined some of the runs for me. Also as you would expect a few ppl jumped or pushed ahead of me for the cones. All in all a great time though seeing awesome cars and meeting cool ppl.
it was great meeting and talking to you bro and all your homies as well! haha are you going to the oct/nov air strip event again?
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