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Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance View Post
The wheel was $350 in USD. I paid an extra $50 USD to have him do white stitching instead of the M3 Tri Color Scheme and shipping cost around $50 as well. Its also a Euro M-Tech 2 so the wheel is a little bigger than the US version

$450 may seem like a lot, but if you look at some of the new alternatives out there, like the Alpina E30 wheel, you'll be saving a bunch (That goes for $700+). Also, if you find one of these M-Tech II's and are able to pry it out of the hands of the owner, its going to be over $400 if the owner has any idea what he has. Plus re-upholstering is going to be a PAINNN

My wife definitely thinks I love "Kylie" more than her. When she found out how much the restoration cost... well lets just say she wasn't happy.

Sounds like your M20 lasted longer than mine! Ours spat a valve into the cylinder which is why we swapped in the S52. I'm trying to find the photo...
That's actually a decent price for what looks to be an amazing piece. Does he have a site?

The engine is probably the only part of the car the PO took decent care of. When I got her last year I had to patch 5 holes in the rockers and another hole in the passenger A-pillar. The floors were previously patched (thank god, that would've been a nightmare). The passenger fender was gone and the paint/clear coat was peeling. I also blew 2 brake hardlines last year. I got most of the kinks out of her right now and am slowly getting her back into shape.

Thankfully my gf is supportive enough to not get in my way (also she doesn't know the overall price tag). She knows I want to be burried in this car