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Originally Posted by snipe View Post
You know, actually they do. At least in Europe, thanks to CO2-tax and other taxes. A Camaro or Mustang Boss costs the same as a brand new M3 or M5, but doesn't even come close in terms of (build) quality, fuel efficiency or refinement. And think about it before you buy it, because nobody ever will buy your used Camaro.

When you live in the US, there's a big difference between 'made in America' en 'made in China'. For the rest of the world? Nah...
Did you know that actually the americans never seen from Ford the quality they offer to the Europeans? The american Focus was a very poor one with a different awkward design. Ford had a weird policy in this matter, offering the best to europeans and not so much car to the americans. The americans never seen a Mondeo and they still don't, a car that is very beautiful. They never get the Fiesta, the nice Focus. People dying to get the ST didn't get it in America. America never got the Transit ( I am talking about the big van like VW bus, even now the american Transit is a small car). Usually, the americans got the poorer models. Only in the last three years Ford had decided to go globaly keeping the same model for everybody with some exceptions. When I came in here I was shocked to see people's perception about Fords; not the same as in Europe. Just so you know.
When we talk about the BOSS, then it is a different story, it cost money in here too, quite a lot though.

Also, you forget few things:

-these cars are coming from over the ocean, there are few costs involved and Europe has its own rules for market protection.

-the market is driven by the demand, how many people buy Mustang in Europe and how many buy BMW in US?. In the same token, I can make the same complaint since we pay a lot more for the same car (BMW or FORD) in Canada then our US neighbours. And the the canadian currency was even stronger than theirs. So?

- Ford has nothing to do with Europes tax, I am from Europe, I know how things work in there. It is not Ford's fault for the sky rocket taxes put on the CO2 emissions. Americans drive V8s and V10 on a daily basis while in Europe is a luxury. Say thank you though, there are countries in Europe that pay the same taxes for emissions like you do, plus a yearly road tax based on the engine capacity, plus a yearly government tax based on the engine capacity. I wanted to take my M3 in there before I sold it and only the taxes for that car equal half of the yearly revenue of a lawyer. So? What about that?

Quality wise, Mustang is the same in Europe or US. I know very very well Ford products.
The american cars are not as refined as the europeans ones anyway, because here and there people ask for different things.

Also, it is nobodys fault that people are not interested in a used Camaro in Europe. It is big, it is non practical for Europe, needs a lot of parking space, it is a gas guzzler, they are not very popular hence parts are rare and expensive, and the carbon tax is insane.
Different world my friend. That is all.

Ask in here an australian colegue how he feels about the price... You will be happy.

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