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Originally Posted by carnuts3 View Post
Very interesting stats. But for those of us who are not as technically astute, could you translate these results so that numb heads like me will understand? Thanks.
The disparity of power -applied to the pavement- between the 335 and new M is less than the disparity of the claimed power. One of two, (or both) things occurred; that BMW has understated the 335's power much more than the M; assuming that the M is even understated. Secondly, the 335 has less drivetrain loss; the former is the more likely.

Regardless, the drivetrain loss of the M is very minimal. In other words, it's putting down some serious power. A typical drivetrain loss might average 15%; the M has lost only 10%, or like I said, BMW underestimated the M's power as well.

As you can see, the RS4 doesn't get a good percentage of power to the ground. One reason is that it's AWD has a parasitic effect on power; robbing another 5%, or so. Not to trash Audi, but the chart is not to impressive.

The 335 and M5 are excellent examples.