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Originally Posted by lockeed View Post
What!!!?? Are you kidding??
Bro, do you even lift?

You can believe whatever you want, i have spent $4k to get my interior where i want. I have pulled 1.09G many times after i ditched GY crap tires. I have hit 186mph once, car seemed stable but you do in fact have to hold onto the steering wheel fairly firm. Redlined 4th gear i donno how many times(thats 160mph) without any stability issues.

Not sure if u ever driven a light weight car but there is just something special about it, it has ability to explode in moment' notice. It corners so well, beyond scary at times. If u live traction control on you cant get really get in trouble. Competitive mode is sweet as well.

Now that i have a kid(my first), i can appreciate the back seats of M3. So perhaps if i was buying a car all over i'd go with E90 which im actually looking at buying now(still keeping the Z).

Two different cars to really compare but somewhere we all compare the price of cars.