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Originally Posted by MI6 View Post
Ummmm, I don't think so- this is definitely Jet Black. When you look at the pic towards the end where the sun is shining directly onto the side profile of the car there is no hint of blue. If it WAS Jerez you would see the blue. Look again at the initial pic of Jerez at the beginning of this thread. The sun is hitting the hood and you can absolutely see the blue. Just compare these pics with the Black photo thread posted earlier last month when someone caught a bunch of M3's on a car transporter and you'll see what I mean. The car looks much more like the Jet Black one's from that thread than it looks like the other Jerez cars pictured in this thread...... Just my 2 cents..
Well, I don't know. It just looks great! I do see some blue/green tint to it on the 7th pic from the top, where the car is parked without a driver, and the sun is shining on it?