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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
I replaced my oil cap with the new type (part) now it's ok , (i had only a very small oil leak)
But....check this v vv
i actually read your post! that's where i went before making this! yea I have the same cap at least according to the service invoice we have the same part #. Thanks man!

Originally Posted by thekurgan View Post
I snapped these for another post, but you can see where oil accumulates on the bottom right corner of the new cap (left) as well. I suspect this is the area, if the gasket is bound up or damaged, oil will seep. I also notice there are rubber protectors on the alignment tabs.
I will have to take a look again, I didn't want to fiddle to much with the cap. If that bottom right part is the area where the damage is occurring how can we fix this? Who should we alert about this issue? Personally speaking, after my service experience i don't really have that much faith in the dealership i went to. It's the closest one too :/ .