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Should I care where the koreans are now? I don't care about their cars, I am looking at them like at any other car that do not interest me.
And why should I help chinese to become the next koreeans, the next competitors?

I will reiterate:

What I see in here is greed!
If I will be BMW I will say that I keep my verticality, not drop my pants because the chinese government impose on me. I AM BMW! I have no pride, no history, no name? Is BMW Kia?
I will have an infinite respect for a company that refused to bow just to get a piece of the market profits. Money is all that matters? What about drive experience, the benchmark of the class?
BMW is not flawless or bug free anyway, it seems that some other competitors blows hard from behind, better improve and build excellent cars and offer them in the markets where people wants them. If you want it in China, sorry, these are my conditions. You want a BMW factory in China? Sure, but I am not gonna export these cars. I personally will never buy a car build in China. Period. For many reasons, not only because their products are shitty but also because I think it is too much, I need to invest in other people that need my help: europeans that are jobless, americans and canadians that are also in trouble. Too much money in one side is not good. And I will not change the world but my gesture counts.

I see this as a downfall of the brand, and a big disapointment for me as an owner. BMW will not be a premium anymore regardless how hard they will gona scream. And for me, will not represent that special niche anymore. They want to become like Toyota? Have a good day boys, I don't want to drive a car that is driven by other 20.000 in my city.

And why should I pay BMW the same price when they build the car for less (and without any doubt with more issues)?
They build it cheap they should offer it for less. It is cheaper then becomes more affordable -> more people buy it-> no more a special car. Goodbye BMW.
They want the same money? Build in China? recall, recall, recall... -> Goodbye BMW
And even if it is a perfect car I will not buy it, because they make more money while they are paying less and because I will not buy a chinese car.

And if they will do it, there are other brands outhere. I was always proud to drive a Jaguar and I think I am gonna go back. It seems that BMW is no better anyway, in 1 year I got 4 recalls, on a car that should have no issues especialy after was in the european market for few years already.

What's BMW hidden agenda? Bulk My Wallet?

Take my opinion to your bosses...

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