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This will make you even sadder. I bought my one and only Rolex brand new from an AD, in 1985. It is a Submariner /date. In the 28 years I have owned the watch it has been serviced one time. My jeweler, who is an old Rolex factory trained watchmaker advised me to service it only when it starts loosing time. It works perfectly and aside from the luminescence fading to a tan color, it reflects the modest use it has had.

Here's the sad part for you guys now in the market. My watch had a msrp of $1300 and in those days AD's were giving discounts. I paid $1000 for my brand new Sub, box, papers, anchor, etc. etc.

Honestly, it is not my favorite watch. It is heavy and the band is not all that comfortable. I keep it because it was the first nice watch I ever bought for myself. Nowadays it would cost what I paid for it to have it serviced.

I have a Tag 1000, (1990), Baume&Mercier Capeland, Omega Constellation (1950's) and my current favorite an Oris 7500.

I can ruin a watch quickly so my daily driver is usually a Citizens or a Seiko.

I have always felt a connection between nice watches, nice cars, nice m/c's, guns, cameras, etc.