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Originally Posted by EliteM3 View Post
So I did a little more troubleshooting and it seems it is the data on my phone causing the issue.

My wife's iPhone 5, my old iPhone 4, and my replaced iPhone 5 with nothing on it (ios 6.1.3) works fine, pairs and can read the phone book of test names.

But when I do a restore of my data, it no longer works.

I have deleted or corrected every entry that has a special character. I have deleted the pairing on both sides and reset all settings multiple time. No idea what it is about the data on the phone is causing this problem, but it sucks.

I have an 09 with CiC, so I can't update the car Bluetooth software, correct?
Are you using Exchange Active Sync? If so, disable your Exchange account or delete it all together and attempt. Not sure if it's a data problem, but rather the versioning the contacts were created under. I believe there's a way to export all of your contacts in .xml format, erase your phone, then import your contacts from the .xml. That should tag it with whatever "new" data/metadata is needed for it to upload. Just suggestions, not sure it will work. My iPhone 5 works great with the bluetooth/contacts list. Though, I lost 100's of contacts in the conversion from 4 to 5. All of my contacts were created net-new with the iPhone 5.