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Well I went and found the thread and laughed myself silly. Did anyone follow that link to the design rationale?? What a whole load of shit basically - they aren't sitting there designing with rice paper and bloody kuniform pens like you claim buddy (though it would explain why they don't have time to make the Camry look different...)

Dress it up and call it anything you like - L-Finesse (Hell-Finesse to me) does not float my boat. I know others like it, but the designs do not sit well to my eye. I got a second oppinion from a designer I respect last night after discussing the LS' hoffmeister kick in another thread, and she agreed that it is a plain mess. Like I have thought, she also said that the straight edges and lines don't mate harmoniously with the organic curves that remain, they seem at wrong angles, or to overshoot their mark...

I think it is commendable that Toyota are trying to develop a design language rather than the haphazzard stuff they trotted out before, but what I will say is: Good prototype, now go make it work harmoniously.
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