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More racing + more manufactures + more countries = more excitement! I'm in! Bring it to the US!

That said; I do wish more racing was "closer to stock" and car specs were limited to things like safety, tires, overall engine size (for both petrol and hybrids) and weight (min & max). Beyond that, let each manufacturer and team innovate their way to the podium. IMHO, that will create real exciting competition that benefits the fans as well as consumers when the winning technology ends up in our everyday car. Then manufactures can claim they are better on any given race day because they really are better. Spending millions sponsoring a team driving cars that have nearly nothing in common with a production car (not even the silhouette) is not a manufacture's championship. It's a driver and team championship. This is what has happened to NASCAR and NHRA in the US. For me, neither of those series are as interesting to watch anymore. However, being at those races with a pit pass and a camera with a lens as long as my forearm is still exciting!