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Originally Posted by tuna_hp View Post
I don't think that you will still get the 7% discount. The 7% ED discount is supposed to be roughly equal to the backend incentives that BMW dealerships receive based on the number of cars of each model they sell and their customer satisfaction ratings. ED cars have never counted towards these backend payments, only domestic delivery. So when a BMW dealership has to sell an ED car out of their limited, in-demand allocation, they are going to want to recoup that lost backend payment which is supposedly about that 7%.

I had actually read that new, high demand, and M cars have often not been eligible for ED allocation for stretches of time throughout the past. If I am remembering correctly, the worst thing about it was that not only do the dealers not make their backend on ED cars, but that although the ED car sale counts against their allocation for the year, it does not count towards their total sales for determining their allocation for future years! So selling M cars out of their allocation for ED means that they could receive a smaller M car allocation the next year! If this applies, dealerships will almost certainly charge a large premium for ED vs domestic.
I actually got ED invoice + $1200 price deal in Feb 13. Many dealerships don't have allocations, so even getting one is tough and ED invoice even harder. I feel lucky I got such a good deal. Going to pick it up in 2 weeks!
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