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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
only as obvious as the fact that probably every manufacturer that sells both cars and SUVs in this country is selling trucks at a greater rate of change than cars. BMW, Porsche... MINI... you pick a name. they are all selling more and more SUVS/SAVS because that's what the american market demands. (duh!) And just because this is a BMW forum doesn't mean I can't use an example of another marque to show you what's what..
As I said, I don't care about other manufacturer's sales. My statement was more to the fact their sedan sales are dropping pretty dramatically, so I was calling them a SUV company sarcastically. (DUH!)

By the way, I see why Porsche has to do it pretty much to stay in business, and in case you did not notice, their two door sports car sales were all up dramatically with the new 911 and Cayman/Boxster, so they are going up, while BMW sedan sales are dropping. Also, the Panamera is a sports sedan that reinforces their sporting heritage, so more than 50% of their sales are sports cars/sports sedans. I like how you conveniently quoted % of sales with respect to the number of doors, ignoring the Panamera.