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Originally Posted by mmcnulty View Post
Was up in Pac Heights on Fillmore this morning to go see my vet as my dog was pretty sick a few weeks ago, and their tiny lot was packed so I had to circle for 20 minutes and park on the street for about the 4th time ever.

I managed to get tickets for no front plate *and* not curbing my wheels on a hill over 4% grade. I think it *might* have been a 5% grade - no way anywhere near where you would think to curb your wheels.

Anyway, frustrating because even though I fed the meter, the dick decided to pretty much give me two "you have a nice car, fuck you" tickets.

On a side note, I used the "pay by phone" thing to pay the meter. I think there's an issue with this - because the meter shows expired no matter what, I think they have to check. And if they check, they are sitting there by your car, and are going to be assholes and give you tickets no matter what.

Anyway, it won't adjust my behavior, and even the fix-it portion of the ticket isn't worth the time for me to address it, so I'll just pay it. But it was pretty annoying. If it wasn't the best vet in the city I would have moved to another one by now. I'll park a few blocks away in a garage from now on.
i would literally take the tickets off my window, crumple them up and throw that shit on the street and drive off.

You can always say you never got them. I did that a few times in the 1990s and got off without anything. Done and done. I just don't have time for that noise.

I am not saying to do that, just saying what I would do if I was in your shoes. To old for that noise. lol