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general question regarding oil gasket

Hello all,

as you may have or may have not seen my previous post regarding the oil filler cap / gasket (post: I have become a bit paranoid.

I am well aware that our filler caps are notorious for having issues with leaking near the cap, oil splurting out from the cap, etc. My question is, I had my original factory cap replaced on the e92 m3 (2013 build) and saw the part number; it is the new model. I noticed today that there was some dried oil near the filler cap, and some oil spot/residue on the engine bay ; center and on the side of the air intake. I naturally was worried so I checked the cap tightness, re tightened it and cleaned whatever was there. Most of it was dry.

i apologize for this semi-rant; my question is a) is this normal to have some oil seep out from under the cap b) can it be fixed easily or will i have to do a DIY to get some solution c) is there a danger of having it splurt out like the previous time (See original post).

Again the cap is tight, the o-ring is there, no visible damage on the o-ring.

thanks guys