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Day 3 started around 12:00 p.m. We started with trimming the driver's side intake. The final trimming was much larger than depicted, but you get the idea. We test mounted the intake and then saved that for when we were done with the intercooler.

We installed the rest of the hoses to the manifold, intake, and water pump. Reseated all previously removed radiator hoses and installed the bypass valve.

We then removed the IAT sensor from the old manifold, used the supplied extension, and placed the sensor in the new manifold. It requires you to trim a tab on the sensor housing, but everything else is plug and play.

Then we wired the water pump. Comes with a relay. One wire runs to the battery power supply, one to a ground, one has a quick connect that goes to the water pump and a ground off of that that we mounted to the stud on the frame rail. There's one more wire that requires a splice into the white wire with red stripe on the white connector in the ECU. We used a splicing connector and clamped it onto the wires.

It seemed like our intercooler was also version 2. Luckily, Jeff sent us pictures so we'd have an idea on how to mount it. First, we determined we need to remove the rounded plastic bracket shown with the outside arrows. We couldn't get the tabs depressed to get it off, so we just used some vice clamps and applied force until it broke apart. Like I said, I'm not going back to stock form and we were running out of time. Next, we notched the remaining hard plastic bracket with the forward portion completely open. Then we trimmed the two center vertical supports off. We lined up the intercooler, drilled some pilot holes, secured the hoses, and bolted in the intercooler with the provided self-tapping screws.

Now that all the hoses were routed, secured; power supplies were connected, and all belts/bolts tightened (except for the water reservoir). The reservoir is left unsecured so when you prime the pump you can raise it up higher than the manifold to ensure you don't have any air in the system. We reconnected the battery, started the ignition (engine off), and listened for the water pump to operate, which it did. then we raised the reservoir and added coolant/water (50/50) to the system until it went out the suction side and recirculated in the reservoir.

Since everything was operating properly, we turned off the car, installed the intake, and started reassembly. We had the car back together by 2:00 a.m. At this point, I did an ECU read, just for fun (because I already had my tune; thanks to Nik at VF; he sent me the tune at 11:30 Thursday night to help me get the tune before they went into the weekend). Then I loaded the tune, cleared adaptations, and fired her up. The car started up with no issues. Around 4:00 a.m. I took it out of the garage and went for a low demand test drive. Pulled it back into the garage with zero issues.

The next day, I got up around 10:30 and drove around for about 40 miles before I hit the road for my 7 hour trip south through the middle of the desert. Through varying low and high demand driving, I didn't have and continue to not have any issues with the car. Once again, I'd like to thank Robert at VF for the sale and the quick shipping, Nik for the tune at 11:30 at night, and Jeff for returning my email and staying in contact with me throughout the weekend to help me out with the install. I'd also like to thank my buddy Chris for helping me with the actual install.
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