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Day 2

At 9:15 a.m. on Saturday, I received a phone call from Jeff at VF. He was calling from his personal cell phone and read my email from 4 in the morning. He confirmed that I had the version 2 bracket which is not depicted in the instructions and that if you loosen all of the alan key bolts surrounding the volute, it would rotate freely 360 degrees. We started day 2 at 11:30 a.m.

Rotated the volute (blower), replaced the shipping plug with the vent cap. Pulled the mount and blower out. Trimmed the wheel well (there's a requirement to trim until you get at least 1/4" clearance from the blower and the wheel well. Dropping the bracket into the right place wasn't very easy. There is a support bracket that is mounted to the heat shield at the first, not the second bolt and then back to the blower. Loosen all bolts on the bracket to include those holding the volute on. Mount the support bracket to the bracket first. Then loosely mount the bolt that mounts to the U-bracket. Line up the support bracket on the heat shield and tighten about 75%. The we lined up the other bolts, started the threads and then tightened everything up to the torque settings provided by VF. Make sure you belt is ran properly. Then we tightened up the belt and alas the supercharger was in.

Next we tried to figure out how the water pump mounted to the vehicle. The instruction say to mount it to the frame rail. There two holes in the frame rail that kind of line up with where the water pump bracket was supposed to go. One hole is small and square and doesn't line up with the hole on the other side. The other hole is a larger circular hole. After phoning a friend again (Jeff), we used the larger hole with a 1" washer and mounted the water pump.

Then we ran the vacuum lines. Getting the 1 ID hose (18 length) to air pump pressure sensor was fairly difficult. We removed whatever the big black box, vent looking thing is on the back of the engine and lifted it up to the get the quick connect fully remove this hose so we could work on it outside the car.

Next was the fuel injectors. This was pretty straight forward. Just be careful not to lose and clips in the engine. We were lucky and didn't lose any. We didn't have to go hunting in the engine for any either.

We stopped working on Saturday at 6:00 p.m.
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