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VF620 Self Install

Over the last long weekend, I installed a VF620 supercharger kit on my 09 E90 6MT M3. Ordering the kit was pretty straightforward. Robert at VF Engineering made sure that the kit made it to me with enough time for me to install it over the weekend. I installed the kit 7 hours from the house at a friend's house. He has a full array of tools, plenty of room, good lighting, and a huge compressor. The kit was shipped direct to that location. I left my house and headed north on a stock tune and full bolt on. I'd like to initially thank Mike Benvo for his great customer service while running and now not running the BPM tune. Let me tell you, running the stock tune for seven hours through the middle of the desert is very disappointing. Friday evening, we started the teardown. I'll post a thread for each day we worked on the car. By no means is this meant as an instructional guide and I'm sure some of the steps are either not required or might not even be endorsed by VF Engineering. Any work on your vehicle by you is your responsibility. You'll need a lot of patience, both metric and standard sockets and alan keys/bits, torx, a torque wrench, and a lot of silicone spray.

Day 1:

Jacked the car up on the front jack points and reinforced with jack stands.

Removed the front wheels, wheel liners on both sides (passenger side probably not required but makes routing hoses easier). Removed the front bumper

Removed the stock airbox, manifold, top radiator hose, radiator fan, secondary air injection hose and idle stabilizer hose, and the airbox bracket (this last step required tapping spot welds and we essentially broke the bracket off, probably a better way to do it, but I don't plan on returning the car to stock)

At this point UPS delivered the kit to the house. Game on.

Removed the Rogue Engineering pulleys and replaced them with the OEM pulleys. Then removed the belt running to the drivers side of the car. Left the other one loose, but in place. Removed the hydraulic tensioner mechanism (doesn't go back in). Installed the stud for the U-mount that holds the bottom of the supercharger bracket and the VF idler bracket.

Mounted the supercharger to the bracket. At this point we noticed that our bracket didn't match the instructions, so we went into panic/let's figure this out mode. When we test fitted the bracket and supercharger we were concerned that the supercharger was angled down too much and looking at the clocking, we weren't quite sure how to rotate the blower and not entirely sure we had the correct bracket. We started at 5:30 p.m and ended that day around 4:00 a.m. with the bracket in, the supercharger angled too far down. I emailed every email I could find from VF and was a bit concerned because they are not open on the weekend.
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