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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Not to beat this to death... but I remember a Congressional Budget Office report that said we could eliminate the Depts of Energy, Commerce, and Education, and save $600B/yr (remember Rick Perry in the debates? He brought this up, but couldn't remember the Dept of Commerce). Since Obama's been in office the debt has risen by $6T - if these had been eliminated in 2008, would the debt have risen by **only** $3.6T? That's not small change.
I don't consider eliminating the dept of energy, commerce, and education to be in the mainstream or centrist thinking I am suggesting, nor realistic whatsoever. We need to spend more on education, imo.

I mean comeon, the dept of energy handles our nuclear weapons program and energy conservation. Energy conservation is *utterly critical* to our future. Regardless of your feelings on oil vs renewable, etc - I think everyone can agree we should not be wasting energy. And conservation is largely about that waste.

And yes, I say this while driving a 15mpg car ;-) And I live in a place where I don't need heat nor air conditioning in my condo, so I don't have much room to talk.

But I applaud you for indeed suggesting an alternative that yes, does have a meaningful effect on the budget. I will not disagree with that.