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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
I don't think tire temps are useful in the HPDE format.

If the main concern is tire life (aka how fast will I ruin my tires), I take tread depth readings before and after the event and then I take hot pressures after coming off track.

But why did you continue to run the rear temps lower throughout the day. I would have went with 34psi all around from the start. Maybe 34fr/33rr if you have MDM on or a twitchy right foot.
I think my general concern (possibly unfounded) is tire temps pointing to camber issues leading to accelerated tire wear.

The tire guy convinced me that it would be reasonable to run the rear temps lower than the fronts to decrease understeer. It generally made sense to me. However, I am not convinced that I felt an iota of difference; any benefits may have been obscured by the ensuing greasy slip-and-slide feeling.