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Originally Posted by Tsuyoi View Post
Fact of the matter is, having anything manufactured in the US will at least double it's cost, if not triple or quadruple it. Want a "made in the US" Ipad? Ready to shell out 2k-3k for it?

The minimum wage, health care, vacation days, and other benefits we now take for granted and are, in fact law, makes it impossible for the US to compete on an international level. Hell, even "American cars" like Ford, GM, etc import parts and materials.
Largely not true. Apple is bringing manufacturing back to the 'ol US in a limited way. A number of other companies are looking to do the same, for a few reasons:

1. Factories are becoming more robotic anyway, so the cost of labor is not as much of a factor in overall cost of goods sold.

2. Environmental regulations and labor costs are going up across the world.

3. US now actually has cheaper energy costs than China, due to the fracking going on.

Add all of the above, with the reduction in shipping costs, locality of the supply process to the design process, trade secret violation (rampant), etc and it ends up becoming a reasonable thing to consider.