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Lmao common for the Bentley I meant

To the guy above me itching to drive one...take it for a'll honestly appreciate your M3 even more! Especially if it isn't modded. Mine was tuned with a custom Tubi exhaust ($12k+) etc and a stock M3 is more fun to drive IMO. No comparison with my FI m3. It was a perfect car for the South Florida / Miami days as it was definitely boss down there .

I had my previous '08 M3 at the time as well. I just saw the newest body style on the road today and sooo gorgeous. Honestly I could see myself picking one up in a few years when I'm hitched and want a nice lux car to travel in. I would make sure it wasn't more than a year or two old, super low miles and under warranty. Apparently the new V8 is better although that bi turbo W12 sure had its own personality.

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so in other words...classic VW shoddy construction and plague-filled quality issues through it's entire life?

it's funny how you say "common stuff that breaks", b/c for most cars, i don't expect my power windows to ever break...this isn't 1991 power window engineering

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