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So before I have my head checked and call ALL(i am sure some of them are not with us anymore) the guys with motors I have built, can you explain how to "adjust" oil clearance after crank is machined. FYI, I go through a lot of plastigauge.

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Plastigauge is ok to do a quick "check", and I emphasize the word check here. A proper high performance engine should have it's bearing clearances "set!"

To set bearing clearances, a micrometer should be used to properly measure all journals, the rods should be checked with a bore gauge and then the proper bearing shells are selected and/or the journals/bores are sized to set oil clearance to the engine builders specifications. Once everything is measured and adjusted, plastigauge is fine to use as a final check on the engine once you reach the stage of final assembly.

Anyone putting bearings into a $30,000 long block and checking them with plastigauge as their only tool for measuring oil clearance, not properly measuring the parts and precisely adjusting the oil clearance, should have their head checked in my opinion!