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Understood and appreciated. Please have a look at this link to see what bearing wear explains. You will notice that the "normal" wear is even more worn than the pic the VAC posted. Thisbearing issue is being worried about too much. If you are FI than this is just "maintenance" for piece of mind.

I will be taking another S65 apart in 4 weeks with 30k Km on it. I will post the bearing condition.

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^I think BMRLVR is trying to help us understand/determine if this is really going to help the rod bearing issues that we have. For example, if we opened up the pan and see that our bearings have excessive wear like the other threads. There is a good chance that the engine already has an oil clearance issue. If these VAC bearings happen to be thicker than the factory one given the coating, putting these on the engine will make the oil clearance issue even worse instead of helping. Just my $.02.