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Originally Posted by BMRLVR
I don't think many people here understand that this isn't a zero risk proposition. The bearing clearances on this engine are already too tight. And some of us believe that the bearing failures are caused by too little bearing journal clearance as it is (that explains why they all seem to fail very early in life). Adding a coated bearing will make it even tighter unless properly clearanced in advance. That's why VAC has the disclaimer at their web site that you must ensure proper clearance when using these bearings. The guys who just drop the pan and replace the bearings can't measure bearing clearance and may end up increasing their risk of failure, not lessening it.

Mike it would be helpful if you can touch on this.
* What are the factory bearing clearances?
* What is your recommended bearing clearance?
* How thick is the coating on your bearings?
* How does the coating affect the taper on the bearings?
* Do you send out a spec sheet for clearances with your bearings and/or do you send ot instructions how to measure and maintain proper clearance?
If you have to ask these questions you should be taking this to a shop where these procedures are common knowledge. VAC, you are doing a good service here whatever is said.