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Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Not to beat this to death... but I remember a Congressional Budget Office report that said we could eliminate the Depts of Energy, Commerce, and Education, and save $600B/yr (remember Rick Perry in the debates? He brought this up, but couldn't remember the Dept of Commerce). Since Obama's been in office the debt has risen by $6T - if these had been eliminated in 2008, would the debt have risen by **only** $3.6T? That's not small change.
I'm not trying to beat it to death either. But when i set out to restore a vehicle i don't paint it until removing the rust and damaged body panels. I don't slap a new motor in it without replacing all the fuel lines and cleaning out the fuel tank. Doing so would only garner the same results; poorly running, shitty looking car.

Call me crazy but i feel that the majority of our problems stem from W.F.A. There are whole government programs and entities that have been born from waste and abuse. Every year before their fiscal year ends we have to make quotes and invoice several government entities because if they don't spend it this year they won't get it next year. What kind of budgeting is that? How fast would all of us go out of business with that kind of budgeting? You can't even call that budgeting, that's just spending.

You know how many people i know who are retired military who are getting disability for things like tennis elbow, headaches and general joint pain? Maybe some don't call that fraud because the military approves it or something.
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