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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
You should definitely get what you want, no question there.

Saying that the competition delivers more for less is speculation though based solely on caliper style. You are assuming that just because one is 4pot and the other is 2pot that it automatically means the performance is better. Like I mentioned previously through conversations with RB, he believes that his 2pot will outperform any of the 4pot ones on the market. Now I don't have any hard data one way or the other just that he convinced me that he knew what he was doing. His philosophy is more about the performance and not the aesthetics of it. I believe this is why they have strayed away from a 4pot rear as he believes it's overkill.
This is where we actually agree.
Never even once have I questioned their quality or performance. I am
Very happy with the stopping power. Performance is not in question with me nor is the quality. It comes down to delivering what promised. To you it's simply 2 pot vs 4 pot performance. To me it's mostly about aestetics. I do not like how the company fails to deliver what promised and I hate the way a small two pot caliper presents its self. I expect RB to make an exception for me aswell and produce a 4 pot for my setup. Otherwise I have to consider it a loss and consider a 4300 purchase a total waste and purchase a different kit. Being forced into this position is what angers me.
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