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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
No problem. You didn't get what you want and I understand. Good luck with your sale.
Sale is just a feeler. It's not 100 percent. Chances of selling the supercharger are very slim in my area and trading the car in with it results in a massive loss. So sale is most likely not Gona happen.
Why shouldn't I get what I want. ? Stoptech ap brambo all deliver a 4 pot. Why is that too much to expect. ? It's not like RB kit is cheaper than Stoptech but delivers less ? Forget about me. I'm already in a loss but why should the next member purchase their kit? When competition delivers more for less
Why racing brake makes an exception for another forum member and provides him with a 4 pot rear caliper but fails to extend this favour to me.? I purchased te rear rotors under premise that a 4 pot caliper is to follow. Now I have to loose over 1000 and buy a different rear kit.
Vf supercharger + tune/H&R coils/ Akra evolution exhaust/Volk te37/ Rs-3 tires/ Brembos /TIal BOV/ OSS blacked out headlights/LUX v3/Led taillights/ Challenge Front lip/ P3 vent gauge/ F10 m5 shift mob/Matte black front grills/ And a funky air fresher