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Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Out of curiosity, I was potentially looking at a job at a car manufacturer (not sales, finance), but it was Ford, and I was thinking that the expectation would definitely be that I drive a Ford...and I don't have room in the current house for a third car.

Do you get any flack for driving a BMW given you work at Dodge? Or do you have a Dodge as your second car that you take to work, and the BMW is only for weekends? I figure if you work at a dealership or manufacturer, likely expectation is you drive their product, but wasn't sure.
Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Nah no flack. Just good natured stuff. They dont care what you drive, as long as you sell cars, really.
that's odd
my sales manager at BMW got flack for driving a 911 (forced to go BMW) and this girl I know over at Ferrari was also given a "list of ok brands to drive".