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Originally Posted by Disciple7
Well looks like my local dealer is able to get me an allocation, no offense to GOLFRRR, I appreciate the quote but trading in my existing vehicle in ohio offers me considerable tax savings so I will be going with my local dealer.

Now I just can't make the decision on 6MT vs. DCT
Just make sure your dealer doesn't screw this up or else you get no car. If there is any doubt, go with Ryan at Steve Thomas. If you get to cute to save a few bucks and the deal falls through its gonna be some painful reading on the forum.

I'm dead serious bro. And don't let them boost up the price at the last second bc they got an allocation from another dealer or some other lame excuses.

If you want peace of mind and crisp execution of your order you gotta go with the guy who sells boatloads of these cars every day. Nuff said.