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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Read my post closer because that's what I said. The 335is has the option of a 6 speed manual or a DCT. It doesn't have the auto transmission option.

The auto transmission is what allowed my car to do a 3.5 0-60 as I could start in 2nd gear and let the torque converter slip. I wasn't at 300 HP. I was at 412/446 RWHP/TQ with tune/meth AND I had a Wavetrack LSD with Michelin PSS 275 30 19 rears.

The fastest RWD n54's measured on the VBOX were Terry Burger's 135 and Warren's (hotrod182) 335 and both were auto transmissions. Both did something like 3.1 second 0-60 times on street tires.

A DCT trans car just wont do that unless you've got DRs or slicks and then good luck with it holding up. The M3's aren't as hard on the DCT since they make a lot less torque. Mine makes 572 RWHP and only 370 RWTQ. Guys with upgraded turbo 335is cars with the DCT are already seeing problems from too much torque.
Thanks for the info. My knowledge is well under served on all the mods you can get so I'm trying to research more to figure out what kind of car I really want to upgrade from 328i. My goal is driving pleasure and sexy car.

So for your 0-60 you kept in 2nd the whole time to avoid gear change and since you've got plenty of torque you're good to go. Makes sense. Now I don't understand why you're saying you can't do this with DCT? Couldn't you also set it to 2nd gear and gas it? Or isn't DCT so fast at shifting that 1st to 2nd will help?

It seems like the 335 offers the simplest and most flexibility for ridiculous increases in power with the JB4 and some simple add ons from BMW. I noticed the JB4 is also available for the 335is, seems like that should be better, no?