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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
If you are going to be in Munich for several days and then heading elsewhere, I would actually recommend scheduling delivery for your last day in the area. Otherwise you'll take delivery of your prize and it will be in a parking garage. Better to bring your luggage to the Welt, have them store it while you do your delivery, then head out on to the road for an adventure elsewhere. Or at least make the delivery your last night in Munich. It is tough to pick up a car and then take it to a hotel and leave it for several days! Plus, as stated above, the jetlag and sleepless excitement add to delerium.
I just park it at the Welt (ask for as many free tickets as you like) and use the S/U-Bahn. I don't like lugging stuff around; I'll just go grab the car and bring it back to the hotel before it's time to head out. The free Welt parking is a nice bonus if you ask me.

I picked my 2013 up on Wednesday. Wasn't planning on driving it much till today but we ended up blasting down the Autobahn to Füssen and back after taking delivery. Lots of unrestricted zones on the way.