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Originally Posted by dr335is View Post
You do know that BMWs have been made in China for many years now and the quality is just like the rest of them, light years ahead of Ford or Dodge, for example...
You know, Ford and Dodge do not cost like a BMW. However, Ford's quality improved tremendously in the last years.

If I pay for the image than show me that you do work to keep it!
If you wash it with shity manufacturers, do not expect me to show you respect, or more, give you a premium price for a non premium car.

And I don't care about the quality neither. If you become a greedy SOB and want to build it for 20k and want me to give you 60k you can keep your junk. I don't mind to give that litle extra for your premium image as soon as you keep it. I want you to show me respect as a customer too.
Regardless what people are saying, there willbe quality cuts.
Oh, well, if BMW wants to become the new Toyota, by all means, but not on my pocket.