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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
Guys I really need some input here. So there are several driving cycles our cars have to go through.

The car has adapted to three of the cycles. The stock cats are reading the O2 are reading. The problem is in the drive cycle where the car can not go above 3kRPM and needs to stay at 55mph for at least 15 minutes.

The software file provided by VF for the stock cats was put in place. The stock x pipe is on the vehicle, but the car will not adapt.

Prior to the supercharger I had Dinan x pipe with the ESS tune and never had any problems adapting.

The car has been at the dealer for 2 weeks now and no results. VF is apparently trying to replicate the issue, but there is little communication as to solutions.

My tech advised to try and flash the car completely back to stock. Since the bigger injectors are in place and they are regulated by throttle modulation, we proposed that perhaps the car will adapt to the completely stock file.

VF stated that under medium to heavy load that could do damage, but the cycling does not require heavy driving.

To put all the stock injectors back and vice versa we are looking at excessive hours and alot of money..alot of money. Right now I am half way in cost to what the kit cost. $4k to be exact. That with the dealer cutting me some slack.

If I can't get a sticker I can't drive the car. I can't afford to swap all the injectors as the cost is too high. They have put over 500 miles on the car in addition. Let alone who knows how many idiots rubbed up against my flawless paint work that I spent 30+ hours on this winter.

Please someone help with ideas..otherwise I will have no choice but to sell the car.

I take it no one in the ESS community has had this issue before in states requiring OBD reading for a sticker.
We offer an emissions friendly file for our supercharger kits if customers request it. This option allows the customer to load the tune via E-Flash when needed, drive cycle to set monitors to get the vehicle thru inspection. This tune does require stock exhaust or primary cats to be installed.