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Passes everything but the gas station

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This is the cycle we are trying to go through. The 40-60 is the issue the car won't adapt. The only logic we can think of after countless hours is that the file in the vehicle that was provided by VF is either corrupted and incorrect (corrupt is a harsh word I know), its not written properly and this causing the DME to not adapt.

Mike I appreciate the response. I have run out of patience, time and starting to run out of money all for a $29 sticker.

It seems extreme to swap all injectors out and seems that there must be a simpler solution. Perhaps sending a different file..I mean something.

I cant believe no one else has potentially run into this problem.

All I am looking for is some communication back from my supplier. It doesn't even have to be an answer just simple communication.

Since this has never happened in the two other inspections I have Had to do, one can only think that it's file related.