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Car accident... minore one

Damn... today I got my first traffic incident in the US, in Sugar Land. In the morning while going to the office I stopped at a traffic light and being used to manuals, no automatics like the rented company car has, I leftt the brake loose and I hit a Lexus SUV that was in front of me. We stopped in a parking area that was closer to the area, my car did not have anything, the other one had her back spoiler (bumper if it is called like that here) scratched, it had a circle scratch of about 3 inches in diameter, from one of the sides of my front face plate stand. I gave her my name, my insurance that I have found in the glove box of the car and... surprise. Later on i was called by a guy from Geico because I have given the lady a wrong insurance, that was for a Toyota Corolla 2005, not a 2013 like mine was that belonged to another guy. My HR handled the problem, explained the guy the confusion and let me alone. After that the lady that I hit called me and all day long I was so damn stressed because we were not to the police to report it, I did not have the insurance from Hertz because they did not provide it, called Hertz, registered the accident, also registered it on their website...all day long I kept calling the lady to tell her not to worry because we are trying to figure out who will pay the damage, Hertz's insurance or my company's... in the afternoon her husband called me to and said that he will call my later after he will get back from the repair shop and tell me how much the repair is going to cost... finally all the situation was solved by one of my company's corporate finance persons that called the lady, explained her that everything was reported and it will take 72 business days until Hertz will handle the situation... huh... I never want to be in that position again! Thank God I got back to the hotel, I think I will just go to Hooters here in Stafford that is very close to me and leave the car in the parking area of the hotel because it really ate some days of my life today.