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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
MDM is fine. The instructor might not and shouldn't really tell you either way...its a liability issue.

You can learn car control on the track but I think it will take most a long time. It is much faster to do it off the track in a car control clinic or auto-x. Speeds are lower and the area off "track" is a known should be pavement and cones. Vrs on track...who knows. Drainage ditches are pretty common.

If you want to learn car control REALLY fast...go drifting. I honestly think this is the best way to do it. You learn how to steer the car with the rear tires and throttle.

When the back end loses grip and starts to come around, I think most make the mistake of trying to still control the car with the steering wheel by "correcting" when you really need to use the throttle to regain control. All you do with the steering wheel is keep the front wheels pointed down track so when the back end stop rotating you can collect the rear end and get things back in alignment. That's what drifting will quickly teach you.
The first time a car control clinic comes around the area I plan on going. The nearest one I found this year was 300 miles away.

With the drifting thing, are the clinics on it or do you just go to parking lots?