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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Very good question. I've had a lot of success in maintaining oil temps below 210 even when doing 15-16 lap sessions, but others haven't with the exact same kit. It's not optimal because the heat exchanger (for the air to water intercooler) blocks the stock radiator/oil coolers.

With the linear power delivery of the ESS kit, the car still behaves like an N/A motor and doesn't upset the car when accelerating hard out of corners (like a turbo car could).

On a high speed track, I think it's fantastic...but on a slow speed tight track, well...that's why I have an STi.
Good to know, did not take the location of intercooler into consideration - just thought VT-2s with an intercooler would be the way to go for a track application. I guess in some ways the VT-1 550 kit then could work fine since it wouldn't block the stock cooling systems.