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Originally Posted by jacobe92 View Post
Gentlemen lets all take a step back and not kick him while his down. Who really knows what happen to this engine. Yes, it could be a lot of things, wrong octane, preexisting rod bearing or valve defect exacerbated by a SC etc, etc. Ultimately his going to have to dig deep in his pockets to buy a new engine. I'm sure he posted here to blow off some steam and not to get grief from everybody. GL
His posting is a good lesson for people who supercharge their cars. It's pretty obvious that if you run 89 or 91 octane fuel in a supercharged car that requires 93 as a minimum you are going to damage the motor. I agree that kicking a guy when he is down is not cool but he is not going to get sympathy from anyone when he admits he put his motor at risk by not following the directions he was given.

The bright side is it is a killer car and maybe he can build the motor out so he can run higher HP safely