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Originally Posted by darnelld View Post
watch admirer, but noobie to be honest...

Having never owned a Rolex, is what sets them apart build quality? Aesthetically, they are nice, but similar to others (Tag, Britling, etc) ... again, not a lot of experience.
Their following and good advertising..... That's probably the biggest thing they have going for them.

Their cases are also well built and lock together very well for good water tightness.

Otherwise, everything is 100% in house (i've been told, this even includes the machines that make the parts)

Their movements are no better then anybody elses, but they can claim they are made by Rolex with nobody elses parts, and that's important to a lot of people.

Their designs don't change much, so everything is very traditional, some see that as a positive, some see it as a negative, in my opinion, it is a positive as it means that it's always "in style"

I personally am not a fan of rolex watches, never liked how they look on me, but I do respect them as a brand, I just feel there's more interesting watches out there at similar, more interesting, or better quality for the same price.