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Originally Posted by stubenhocker
what about Made In South Africa?

BMW has been exporting quality built cars from its SA plant for years, in fact it was at one time their highest rated plant for quality.
From a manufacturing perspective I think BMW would build a quality product wherever they decided to open a plant, including China!

However even though the car may be sound, it would prove to be quite a challenge to overcome that negative image of Made In China. In fact I think it could metastasize and affect the core brand of BMW.
I think made in America is not a bad thing, nor is made in South Africa, because they don't come with a preconceived idea of cheap low quality goods. Made in China however, does. People automatically think cheap garbage even if it might be a well build product like I presume these cars will be. That will be the hardest part to overcome. I know I already have a negative outlook on it.