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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
The M3 isn't the platform for that game. It's a small-displacement, high revving, fairly heavy yet balanced RWD car. Those that push their M3's know its place...and it's not at the top of the acceleration game...but it can be at the top of the track game when modded properly (i.e. keeping engine fairly stock and focusing on suspension, brakes, weight reduction, chassis stiffening, etc).

The best of the BMW's is (in terms of acceleration) are the turbo e30's. I'd like to see a 1,500 AWHP e30 325xi weighing 2,200 lbs.
e30 with 1500 hp would be fun to see indeed.

Per your comments of "modded properly" and "engine fairly stock" for tracking, would you say it's not a good idea or not "optimal" to track a M3 w/ a supercharger in general?