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Originally Posted by nchan50 View Post
Added mine to help out those considering A/S tires

'09 E92
Wheels w/ Offsets: Stock 220M
Spacers*: 12mm front, 5mm rear
Tires/Miles: Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus (F) 255/35/19 (R) 275/35/19; New Tires
Suspension: Stock
EDC Setting: none
Alignment: Stock
Fender Modifications: (F) None (R) None
Rubbing?: none on this setup, previoulsy had 15/12 spacers and the front barely rubbed but the rear rubbed badly on bumps
Same here...I rubbed badly. I dremeled out the plastic hump in the rear fender liners.

'08 E92
Wheels w/ Offsets: 359's (F)19x9 ET18 (R)19x10 ET25
Spacers: 15mm front, 12.5mm rear
Tires/Miles: Michelin Pilot Super Sports (F) 245/35/19 (R) 275/35/19; New Tires
Suspension: KW Clubsports
EDC Setting: none
Alignment: 2.0 (F) 1.7 (R)
Fender Modifications: (F) None (R) Removed rear fender liner hump where the rear quarter panel meets the rear bumper.

There was rubbing in the rear on all bumps. I dremeled out the rear plastic humps. Hopefully that causes no brake dust issues on the rear bumper.
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