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Did some more street testing. My noob conclusions are below. I welcome comments and corrections/suggestions to my analysis.

It looks like there are 25 clicks up front total. And whooping 30 in back. All click counts in this post will be counted from stiffest setting. Overall clicks are very apparent and get progressively harder to turn as you turn them clockwise (stiffer). I like how adjusters feel a lot better than yellow Konis I had on my E46 M3 in ground control package.

At anything softer than 15 from stiffest, car takes a while to settle as it goes over bumps/crests. Even when doing DD commute, it just feels soft and bouncy. If I understand things correctly, that is because springs are overpowering rebound dampening levels. Seems like half the shock range is not applicable to E90 M3 with this particular spring set. Is that common?

15 - 7 clicks is suitable street range. With 7 being for nice smoother twisties and 15 very comfy daily commute. I have them set at 10 now that I use all around for DD. That gives me best compromise between rough pavement and good high speed corner handling.

During DD or spirited street driving, at 15-11, you can feel some body roll. It's very minor. At 10 - 7 there's virtually no detectable body roll.

6 and stiffer is definitely track range. While at 6 car is still less harsh than stock EDC + lowering springs, rough surface and bumps become very pronounced. The whole car seems to follow the road surface perfectly and in full control, but to a driver on the street that feels like a lot of up/down motion. It's not harsh, just a lot of movement. Despite all the motion, it settles almost instantly. In smoother road sections and high speed twisties, it's pure bliss.

VIR HPDE this weekend. Hopefully 0-6 clicks will be enough I did notice that things got exponentially tighter as you got closer to full stiff. So I suspect 0-6 is actually a larger range than it seems, just not as precisely tunable if it had more clicks for same range.
2009 E92 M3 Melbourne Red 6MT
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